Uber Improved In-App Navigation To Help Drivers

The Essential Driver Uber Improved Navigation

When I first started using Uber I thought the navigation system built into the app was terrible. The worst part was that it did not tell you what turn was coming up and you could not move the map around to see the route you were taking. You were at the mercy of the navigation system updating quickly enough know when a turn was coming. Add to that occasionally not having the best signal in certain areas and that equaled a lot of missed turns for me.

But what about Waze? The Uber Driver app does allow you to connect to Waze for navigation, however I may be the only driver ever who does not like Waze! The Waze interface is just too busy for me. There are too many icons and colors which I find distracting. I do like the idea of Waze. Getting real time updates from other drivers about accidents ahead and police officer sightings is brilliant. I tried connecting to Waze once when I accepted an Uber ride. Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t pleasant. I kept having issues disengaging the Waze app when I wanted to get back to the Uber app for the passenger contact information. Disclaimer: I did only attempt to use Waze one time while driving for Uber, so it could have been a one-time malfunction or maybe it has improved significantly since then. Either way, it’s just not for me.

Below are three updates to the Uber in-app Navigation system that kept the driver in mind and has made driving passengers a much more pleasant experience:

1. Real-Time Traffic

The route line guiding you through streets is blue when traffic is clear, yellow when traffic is moderate and red when traffic is heavy. This provides a safer trip because you can better anticipate sudden stops coming up and if you are familiar with the area you can choose a different route to get to your destination faster.

2. Lane Guidance

This one is my absolute favorite update. When a turn or freeway exit is coming up, lane icons display at the top of the map matching the lanes on your current route. The highlighted lane is the lane you should be in in order to make the upcoming turn or to exit the freeway. This has helped me out numerous times when I was in an unfamiliar area or when I missed a sign on the freeway and was not sure where I should be. Kudos to Uber for thinking of this. It’s been very helpful!

3. Night Mode

Night mode reduces the brightness of your phone screen to help your eyes at night. The app automatically detects when it is dark outside and turns the background black instead of white. I’m the person who is always turning the brightness down on my iPhone because I have sensitive eyes, so this feature was a win for me! Of course, if you prefer the brighter screen, you can change your settings to not use night mode.

So, there you have it: three awesome new features for Uber’s in-app navigation system that benefit the driver! Have you used Uber’s new navigation? Do you prefer to use third-party apps? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time…drive safely!

-Chadá aka The Essential Driver

My name is pronounced (Sha-day) 🙂



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