Hi! My name is Chadá (pronounced Sha-Day) Johnson and I created The Essential Driver to share my experience as a rideshare driver with Uber driving in the Los Angeles area. I started driving for Uber in late 2016 when it became clear that I was never going to reach my financial goals if I didn’t add an additional source of income. I have a great full-time job that I enjoy, but with the rise in housing costs and my debt steadily growing something had to be done. So far I am really enjoying it and can’t believe I didn’t start sooner! I hope you enjoy the site and that you will use my referral link to get started driving today. Let me know how it goes!

Driver referral/invite code: 0Q915 (the first character is a zero, earn a bonus when you sign up to drive)

UberEATS promo code: eats-0q915 (up to $15 off your first meal)

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-Chadá aka The Essential Driver